Learn How to Form a Band from Dave Hebeda

One of the favorite hobbies of Dave Hebeda when he’s not spending time with his children, playing poker, or fishing for Muskie is performing with his 70s rock and 80s heavy metal band.

Dave Hebeda and his band play just for fun, not for money, but what they get out of their experience has tons of value. Playing in a band allows Dave Hebeda to express himself through music and relieve some of the stresses from his career as a well-respected certified personal accountant.

Dave Hebeda wants to share the benefits of being in a band with others and that’s why he has come up with this guide on the best ways to form a band. If you sing, play an instrument or both and want to play with others in a band, here are some ways to get started.

Find Rehearsal Space

What good is a band without a place to practice? Finding your rehearsal space should be the first step you take when forming a band because it will allow you to hold auditions and then get started practicing as soon as the band members are selected. Basements, garages, storages spaces, recreation centers, and professional rehearsal studios are all viable options for a rehearsal space. Just make sure you soundproof whatever room you use so that you don’t create too much noise for others nearby.

Create an Ad for Auditions

Next, make a flyer that advertises the auditions you’ll be holding for your band. Include the time, date, and place and spread the flyers all over town as much as you can. You can even go an extra step and take at an ad in a local paper.

Hold Auditions

Holding tryouts for your band can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. However, it could lead to hard decisions for you to make. Your auditions could be filled with talent but you can only have some many people in a band at a time.

Begin Rehearsals

Once you’ve selected your band members, it’s time for you to begin rehearsing and getting ready for your first gig. The key to orderly rehearsals is dividing up the rehearsal responsibilities. Assign members of your band to positions such as rehearsal director, image coordinator, bookkeeper, and publicists.

Choose a Name

Don’t rush the name choosing process.  Let it come organically to achieve the best results. Once your band begins to form an image and personality, the right name will become clear as day.


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